Elizabeth II (Eh-lih-zah-beth the Seh-count) is the current Queen of England. She reigns of the Windsors

Family of the Queen Edit

Her father was George VI and her mother was Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (Queen Of England). She had a sister. Her name was Margaret. Margaret died in 2002. Her husband is Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Pronounce Edinbrugh). She has 4 children: Prince Charles Windsor,Princess Anne Windsor,Prince Andrew Windsor and Prince Edward Windsor.

She also has grandchildren. These are: Prince William Windsor,Prince Henry Windsor,Peter Philips,Zara Philips,Princess Beatrice Windsor,Princess Eugenie Windsor,Lady Louise Windsor,Viscount Severn Windsor.

The Queen's heir Edit

The official heir of The Queen is Prince Charles, but according to the rumor, William is going to be her heir, because Charles is very old for a heir.